Airbrush Art


Live Airbrush painting at events. I can paint t-shirts, hats, hoodies, pillow cases, basketballs and many other surfaces. This is really popular at any event especially birthday parties and bar mitzvahs. Guests can choose a design, a font, and colors for the customization of their art-icle. They take just 3-5 minutes to complete, so guests can be entertained by watching me paint or go back to partying after they've placed their order and pick it up later. 

  • Speed: I can paint 15-20 t-shirts/hats an hour.
  • Equipment: Super "silent" air compressor, easel, airbrushes and lights. Non-toxic water based paint.
  • Requirements: a 6ft Table, a nearby electrical outlet, articles to be painted,  
  • An assistant may be required for bigger parties. (contact me for details)
  • Washing Instructions: Turn t-shirts inside out and wash in cold water (delicate setting, mild detergent, no bleach). Hang to dry (best) or tumble dry, low heat. Ironing the t-shirts will also help set the colors.
  • Serving: Most of South Florida.
  • Price:$150 per hour (2 hour minimum) Tshirts/hats not included.

Airbrush Basketballs